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Lenape Finger Squash (Nanticoke Squash)

Cucurbita pepo

            This Native American squash from South Jersey was introduced about 1884 by David Landreth of Philadelphia under the commercial name “Landreth’s White Turban.”  However, the squash was depicted in a 1770s watercolor by French botanist Duchesne and appears to have been preserved among the Lenape and Nanticokes who intermarried and remained in the Delaware Bay area.  It has since been mislabeled as “Yugoslavian” despite its true origin.  The plants produce two types, one with white skin and one with dark green.  The white fruits ripen yellow in storage whereas the green ones ripen orange. Both colors have a slight pineapple flavor when ripe.  We are offering seed from white fruit only although some green ones may emerge.  If you want to try seeds from green fruit, you may special order for the same price.  Minimum 20.

Lenape Finger Squash (NanticokeSquash)

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