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Chile Congo of Nicaragua CAP074

Capsicum annuum, var. glabrusculum

            Congo means wild in the Spanish of Nicaragua and this little bird pepper grows everywhere in the country. It is semi-cultivated because it is one of the cornerstones of Central American cuisine.  It is used in soups, salsas, moles, and just about any dish calling for spiciness due to its arrebatado heat. This means the peppers produce “rapid” heat on the first bite, but then fade quickly to subtle spiciness.  The peppers ripen from green to black to red and can be used at any stage of ripeness.  Plants will grow into 3-to-4-foot bushes and can be overwintered in tubs. RARE in USA.  6 to 8 dried berries per packet with planting instructions. 

Chile Congo of Nicaragua

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