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Vigna unguiculata


The French translates as red cowpea from Burkina Faso, and we must confess, this is indeed the best red cowpea from West Africa.  It is almost the perfect red rice cowpea but not quite due to its plumper size.  Yellow flowers, pods ripen red-black, HUGELY productive which is why Africans like it so much! However, being tropical it is daylength sensitive, so plant early because these cowpeas start shutting down in September.  This is a vining variety which means it needs to ramble over the ground. Plant 2 feet apart on well-drained hills or ridges. Original seed was collected for us in Burkina Faso during the early 1990s. Alas, it is no longer available in its country of origin. 


~Minimum 40 seeds per packet.


Large quantities are available for wholesale to certified organic farmers.

Dolique Rouge Du Burkina Faso Cowpea

SKU: BN093
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