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This is one of the most historic Pennsylvania heirlooms in the Roughwood Seed Collection.  Preserved by the Kaulback family who were long-time tavernkeepers in the 1721 White Horse Tavern in Chester County, Pennsylvania, this bean was once considered standard fare on tavern menus all along the old turnpike running from Philadelphia to Lancaster during the 1700s. We received original seed from the late Sarah T. Kaulback (1917-2009) who also gave us the cookbooks from the old tavern kitchen.


This pole bean produces vigorous 10 foot vines with huge dark green leaves, much larger than most heirloom varieties.  The meaty, coffee-brown seeds were used as a dry bean for soups and baked dishes and ripen late in the season (mid-September in our region).  Thus, the traditional planting day was Pennsylvania Dutch Bean Day, June 5.  Allow 95 days from time of planting to dry bean harvest.  


~25 seeds per starter packet.

Kaulback's Tavern Bean

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