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King Philip Improved Corn

Zea mays


King Philip Improved is one of the classic heirloom corns of New England, its ancestry tracing to a Native American landrace with yellow kernels.  The King Philip variety was developed by John Brown, a farmer living on Long Island in Lake Winnipiseogee, New Hampshire.  Brown claimed to have “found” the corn in 1852, but in fact his King Philip is a controlled cross between the original flint landrace and a dent variety. By 1856, his distinctive corn was being distributed among farmers in many parts of the country due to its high yields and tolerance of cool summers and high altitudes. The corn produces yellow cornmeal and hominy once the cornerstone of traditional New England cookery, especially New England cornbread and Johnny cakes.


Also known as Brown Corn and Winnipiseogee Corn, King Philip Improved is characterized by a rich coppery red color on pinkish-white cobs. It is an 8-rowed flint type that grows about 6 feet tall and matures in 85 to 90 days. Our seed came from Salem, Massachusetts about 15 years ago and was carefully selected from the original King Philip strain.


~200 seeds per starter packet.

King Philip Improved Corn

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