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Laurenzianer (aka Laitue Grosse Verte Parasseuse)
Lactuca sativa
Our seed came from the seed bank at Arche Noah in Austria, hence the German name. Laurenzianer is the German alias for an old and now rare 1780s French variety called Laitue Grosse Verte Parasseuse (Big Floppy Green). Laurenzianer belongs to an heirloom trilogy that includes Grosse Brune Parasseuse (Big Floppy Brown) and Grosse Blonde Parasseuse (Big
Floppy Yellow). Laurenzianer is a large light green butterhead type typically spreading 16 inches across so plant seedlings 18 to 20 inches apart. Extremely slow to bolt in hot weather. No photo available. Minimum 30 seeds.

Laurenzianer (aka Laitue Grosse Verte Parasseuse)

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