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This old-fashioned perennial sweet pea was once popular throughout the Pennsylvania Dutch country.  Our original plant stock was found growing wild on the historic Nathan Yoder farm near Hegins, Pennsylvania in the picturesque Mahantongo Valley. Depending on the weather, the vines begin blooming with intense magenta-pink flowers in mid-July and will continue blooming until frost, especially if the seed pods are dead-headed.  The flowers make excellent cuttings for small floral arrangements.

            The plants put down deep roots which will overwinter in Zones 6 and warmer. The 6 to 8-foot vines offer a showy display on picket fences, or for covering unsightly wire fences.  Best of all deer, rabbits, and groundhogs do not bother it.  25 seeds 

Mahantongo Pink Sweet Pea (flowering vines)

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