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Lycopersicon lycopersicum


This delightful culinary treasure from Thailand hails from the island of Phuket which was devastated by tidal waves several years ago. The tomato was discovered on a local farm by German tourists who dubbed it Ei von Phuket (Phuket Egg Tomato) and then disseminated seed in Europe under that name. This tomato is a nameless landrace developed by island farmers for the thriving tourist industry for which Phuket is so well known. You will find this tomato on almost every hotel menu on Phuket. 


The fruit grows in clusters of six small oblong fruit which ripen from greenish white to deep raspberry pink. The unripe fruits are used locally in curries and salt pickles, while the ripe tomatoes are served in salads and rice dishes. One of our growers discovered that the Phuket tomato is ideal for grilling, and for Thai-styled bruschettas and frittatas. Here is the perfect tomato for East-meets-West cuisine. The tomato also enhances the flavor of tomato sauces when cooked together with red tomatoes. 


~25 seeds per packet.

Phuket Egg Tomato

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