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Shoofly Plant  or Apple of Peru
Nicandra physaloides
An ornamental cousin of groundcherries and tomatillos, this striking garden accent produces 3 to 3 ½ feet upwardly spreading bushes with black stems and powder blue flowers. 


This South American summer annual plant has been a Roughwood garden classic since its founding! We have adored this tomato/potato relative that produces stunning blue lavender blossoms on tall plants that withstand neglect and readily reseed. Bees also adore the flowers! A very stately plant that is great as an accent, border, or focal plant for the garden. Fruits are groundcherry berries encased in a usually purple blushed husk.  Though some cultures have used it as a medicinal,  it is now grown only as an ornamental as the plant is toxic if consumed.

Another common name, shoo-fly plant, is derived from this toxicity as the plant juice has been mixed with milk as a poisoned bait for houseflies.

Minimum 50 seeds.

Shoofly Plant (Apple of Peru)

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