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White Scimitar Pea (Pois d’Auvergne) PEA046
Pisum sativum

This remarkable French heirloom pea traces to the eighteenth century. It is known by several names in France, among them Pois crochu, Pois Serpette, and most commonly Pois d’Auvergne: The Auvergne Pea. The pea takes its English name from the unique shape of the pods, which resemble a scimitar or old-fashioned knife blade. The flowers are snowy white on 60 to 65 inch vines. Each pod is large, flat, and contains 9 to 11 peas, the best harvest size being about 3 ½ inches long. The dry peas are also white and relatively smooth. Since the vines yield for about 1 month, plant the peas in succession for harvest throughout the summer. Best of all, this pea is not particular about soil, so it is highly adaptable to many garden situations. Rather than show a picture of the pea we are including a photo of an old drawing that gives you a better idea about its unique shape. And incidentally, the flavor is wonderfully delicate, which is why this pea has been popular with French chefs for several centuries! Minimum 25 seeds,  

White Scimitar Pea (Pois d’Auvergne)

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